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Positive Charge is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We are energy experts and provide independent advisory services and programs to help households, community groups and businesses to save energy and money. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions at scale across a number of local government areas.

Positive Charge was established by the Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (MEFL) and is backed by more than 15 years’ experience in creating and delivering community energy efficiency and renewable energy services.

Positive Charge is a community service, backed by local councils and run by award-winning sustainability experts, the Moreland Energy Foundation.

Getting help is easy. Whether you rent, own your home, or run a small business, we can help you with straight-talking advice.

How does it work?

Get advice on making your home, business, community group or school more energy efficient. Start saving and be more comfortable. The energy experts at Positive Charge can offer advice and recommendations on solar, lighting, insulation, heating, hot water, windows and more.

I run my own business...

...can we help? Absolutely. We have expert advice for your business, support to cut your lighting overheads in half and installing solar, insulation and more.

How is the service funded?

Local Councils each pay an annual membership fee to join, and in exchange residents and businesses receive an extended service – including access to our energy helpline, along with tailored local workshops and events.

As a social enterprise, all Positive Charge fees are invested back into the service to help us bring you and others even more smart energy answers.

Positive Charge is a social enterprise, with a mission and purpose to deliver carbon emission reductions at scale across a number of local government areas. The enterprise was set up with support from Social Traders and an investment from the Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL). Our core mission is to reduce greenhouse gases, and we remain sustainable and viable through revenue generated from Council subscription fees and income from supplier management fees through the delivery of projects such as bulk-buy programs.  

Is my council a member?

Check our council page to see if your council has subscribed to Positive Charge.

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Remember, even if your council is not yet a member, you can still take advantage of our smart energy advice.

I already have a quote

Great! Call us to talk through your quotes and we can offer advice and recommendations on the best choices for you.

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Still have questions? 

If you live in one of our member council areas, you can also access our energy hotline on 1300 23 68 55 for practical energy advice. Or come and say hello at a free local event or workshop. You can also keep in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

Tips and eNews

Our energy saving tips and eNews are for everyone! 

Remember, even if your council is not yet a member, you can still take advantage of our online tips. You can also sign up to our monthly e-news for regular tips and advice.

Interested in becoming a Positive Charge member council? 

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