Why community engagement?

Changes to our climate and energy costs will affect wellbeing and prosperity of their local communities and environments. At Positive Charge, we believe that the best prepared communities will be equipped with high quality information and support that leads them to reduce their contribution to climate change and minimise its impacts.

Local communities are increasingly relying on governments to provide independent, relevant and reliable advice to balance the offers and marketing from the private sector.
In recent years many leading local governments have established climate change strategies, action plans and targets for their communities. Some have invested significantly to develop materials and engage directly with their communities. These initiatives have saved their residents money, reduced their contribution to climate change and made them more resilient to future impacts.

Working alone to establish complex technical and market information, keeping it up-to-date and responding to resident’s requests is an expensive, time consuming and high-risk undertaking. Evaluating the effectiveness of these programs is also an increasingly challenging task.

For many councils developing and delivering this standard of service has not been within the reach of their sustainability budgets.

Your advice, products, communications and service have been exemplary and I am delighted, staggered and amazed by the difference it has made to the comfort of our home. It's been a pleasure to have you here and you are worthy of high recommendation.
– Belinda, Pascoe Vale who installed draught proofing