Positive Charge works on behalf of councils to deliver independent, low cost and up-to-date engagement and advisory services to their communities.
The comprehensive service expands council’s reach and reputation with a standard of council branded information and support that had only been available to a handful of the best resourced councils.
The council’s Positive Charge community information resources are fully developed, maintained and updated by Positive Charge in consultation with council officers.
The initiative provides independent energy advice through a phone helpline service and regular e-mail updates. In addition, Positive Charge delivers technical services such as phone-based energy and solar feasibility assessments; and targeted projects such as the lower-income Solar Saver project to encourage the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Positive Charge subscriptions are now offered as easy-to-access options that provide councils with improved choice and flexibility.

The Core Module

This subscription service provides reliable, independent energy efficiency and renewable energy advice and support to households, schools, businesses and Council staff.

It includes:

  • web resources. including a council specific webpage on the Positive Charge website
  • phone and email based advice
  • monthly newsletters to community members who sign up
  • an annual facilitated workshop for council teams to review the community profile, identify opportunities for action, and integrate with other council initiatives
  • a quarterly report profiling municipal sustainability activity including trends in community energy consumption and uptake in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and performance of customised programs (where applicable)
  • on-demand technical phone advice for Council staff providing support for planning, procurement and program delivery
  • assistance to Council to promote the service; articles for Council publications; and content for Council-branded resources
  • networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with other subscriber councils
  • half-yearly member roundtable events for council officers and their community stakeholders.

Optional Additional Services

Solar bulk-buy program

A fully active campaign through council channels, to promote a solar bulk-buy campaign with a carefully selected supplier. For more about how our solar bulk-buy programs work review the Hobsons Bay case study here.

Home Energy Assessments – (HEAs)

Positive Charge offers in-home energy and solar assessment to households in subscribed council areas . In home visits include advice on lighting, heating and cooling, passive design, hot water and solar feasibility. This service costs $250 per home visit. Councils can choose to bulk-buy a number of HEAs on behalf of their households at discounted prices (miniumum 25).

Sustainability / Energy workshops

Positive Charge delivers workshops for community and council staff across a wide range of subjects including, energy efficiency, renewable energy, understanding and reducing energy bills, passive design / home renovators, solar and battery storage etc. These workshops can be tailored to suit council’s needs.

Business campaigns

The Business Package uses a face-to-face approach to build relationships with businesses and traders groups to identify opportunities and develop customised energy saving solutions for each business. This service can be tailored to suit your council needs.
The Business Package could include on-ground business visits, assessments and individual action plans or specific targeted outreach (e.g.. solar assessments) and includes activity reporting to council including recommended improvements

Training for Home and Community Care (HACC) workers

Positive Charge can deliver training to help HACC workers assist their clients in identifying ways to save on energy bills and implement energy efficiency measures in their homes.

The Schools Package

Positive Charge can give your local schools the sustainability edge when it comes to identifying, resourcing and delivering the best energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.
The Schools Package could include school visits, assessments and individual action plans and project delivery services (e.g.. solar procurement and fundraising support) and will include activity reporting to council including recommended improvements

Thank you, for your fantastic eNews. I find it really informative and helpful.
– Maggie, Kensington