Hot in the City!

Have you noticed that it's getting hot in the city? The Urban Heat Island Effect is to blame.

Australian Architects At Home

ReNew reader Sharon McGann recently interviewed four sustainability-focused architects and building designers in NSW to discover their views on the history and future of sustainable home architecture in Australia.

All Electric Home Case Study

Positive Charge has been championing the idea of an all-electric home that would function using renewable energy generated on site. ATA members John and Elizabeth Heij share the story of their own all-electric home in Western Australia.

Solar and Batteries Survey

Thank you to all those who assisted our visiting students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in America with their recent survey. We now have another – very short – survey specifically about solar plus battery storage. By completing this survey you can go in the draw to win one of six Varta Portable Powerbanks and ideal travel companion!

Stay Cool

This summer is predicted to be record breakingly hot! So we are offering some hints and tips to help you survive.

Just Add Batteries

There’s more to consider than just the brand or size when adding storage to a solar system. Damien Moyse and Nick Carrazzo highlight some of the issues to consider in a field with ever-evolving technology.

Solar - Still a great investment

How solar works

Solar is still a good investment

Solar Consumer Responsibilities

Solar panels

Positive Charge has had several calls from concerned solar PV owners about a letter they received from their electricity distributor. We explain what it all means here!

All Electric Home Survey

Students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the US are currently working with us here at Positive Charge. The students are conducting a research survey on the concept of an all-electric home targeted at homeowners. They would like to hear from you!


Positive Charge Team

Welcome to Positive Charge's newest team member - Tim Wong