Solar – it IS still worth it!

At Positive Charge we have had a few enquiries from solar owners concerned about the drop in feed in tariffs. Please see our previous news article ‘Life after feed in tariffs’ for more. On 28th February 2017 an announcement was made that the feed in tariff (FiT) for solar is going to be increased from … Read more


Watch wasteful windows Windows are a source of heat gain in summer and heat loss during winter. The most effective solution? Install a ‘buffer’ against heat transfer; below are some of our favourites. Install thick curtains or blinds. Thick curtains and blinds act to trap a layer of insulating air between the window and the … Read more

Just Add Batteries!

Just add batteries Considerations for hybrid systems THERE are multiple ways that batteries can be added to an existing or new solar PV system. These different configurations will influence the system’s capabilities so it’s important to carefully consider the approach you take. This article covers the most common approaches currently available in Australia, but note … Read more

Australian Architects at Home

Australian architects at home ReNew reader Sharon McGann recently interviewed four sustainability-focused architects and building designers in NSW to discover their views on the history and future of sustainable home architecture in Australia. Caroline Pidcock Pidcock: Architecture + Sustainability What are some highlights of where we’ve come from and where we’re going with sustainable home … Read more

All Electric Home Survey

Students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the US are currently working with us here at Positive Charge. The students are conducting a research survey targeted at homeowners, on the concept of an all-electric home. They would like to hear from you! You can complete the survey using our online form. The survey should take … Read more