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LED lighting

You can change your lighting and start saving

Positive Charge has partnered with a lighting installer, who can replace 12V halogen downlights for free, as part of the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive scheme (also known as VEET), for free.

LED downlights use a fraction of the amount of electricity of old fashioned halogen lights. They also stay cool, so in summer you don't have to crank up your air conditioning to combat the heat coming from your lights!

Positive Charge is a social enterprise, with a mission and purpose to deliver carbon emission reductions at scale across a number of local government areas. The enterprise was set up with support from Social Traders and an investment from the Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL). Our core mission is to reduce greenhouse gases, and we remain sustainable and viable through revenue generated from Council subscription fees and income from supplier management fees through the delivery of projects such as bulk-buy programs.  

Why are they free?

The Victorian Government’s Energy Saver Incentive scheme (also known as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target) encourages households and businesses to use energy more efficiently, save money on their bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a participant in the scheme our chosen supplier can create Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (‘VEECs’), which they then sell to energy retailers to cover the cost of your LED downlight upgrade – so that YOU don’t have to!

Are all downlight replacements free?

The free LED downlights upgrade service includes: booking your appointment with one of the certified electricians to suit your schedule, removing your existing halogen downlights, supply and installation of quality MR16 (12V) LED lights. Note that the LED downlights can only be installed for free where existing halogen downlights are replaced. A non-refundable call out fee of $60 per booking will be applied for a lighting upgrade where there are 9 or less halogen downlights to be upgraded.

Are the LEDs as bright as the halogen lights?

50W halogen downlights in the ceiling typically output 500 or more lumens (brightness) with a beam angle of around 60 degrees. Our supplier's commitment to ensuring quality means that their 7W LED downlights output a minimum of 500 lumens with a wide 65 degree beam angle, resulting in equal or improved lighting in your home. You may have seen inferior LED downlights that output between 200 and 400 lumens, with a beam angle of just 30-35 degrees, resulting in dim and uneven light but by going through our supplier you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product. Unfortunately if you have already installed the inferior lights our supplier is not able to replace them for free. You can request a quote for these if you choose.

I thought it was best to remove the existing transformers?

Earlier LED downlights often interfered with transformers, meaning that it was advisable to remove the transformers, before replacing the globes. Thankfully the LED technology has advanced in the last 2-3 years, meaning that this is no longer the case in most households. However, in some cases you may find that your transformers are not compatible with our supplier's LED downlights. If this is the case the electrician will not be able to complete your upgrade. If this is discovered you will not be charged any fee; however a free lighting upgrade may not be possible. The electrician will discuss this with you and explain your options.

Are they warm lights?

The 3000K warm white colour is available for the free LED upgrade as it best replicates the colour of the halogen downlights and therefore is the best direct replacement in the upgrade.

How will I know if my lights are eligible?

Halogen downlights with an MR16 base or GU10 base are eligible for a free upgrade under the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive.

To arrange for your lighting replacement get in touch here and our supplier will call you back.