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Amongst other things we’re your solar bulk buy specialists. Check out details on the right for our solar bulk buy program and to register for a free, no-obligation quote from our carefully selected supplier.

For general advice on how solar works and whether it is right for you please visit our solar advice page. If you are ready to get a quote read on.

About solar

Solar enables you to cut the cost of your bills. By generating your own electricity, you’ll be purchasing less from your retailer and saving money. Installing solar will also increase the energy rating and value of your house, and you can feel good knowing you're doing your bit to help the planet.

When does solar work best?

It is best to use as much as possible of the electricity your solar panels generate, rather than exporting it to the power grid. If you use the power directly from your panels, it's free. It’s ideal if you can organise your energy-intensive activities (e.g. running the dishwasher or washing machine) during the daytime when your solar system is making free electricity.

If you export power to the grid, the power company pays you very little per kilowatt-hour (Feed-in-Tariff), so it is better to use it for free straight from the roof. 

Finding your solar system

Getting your power straight from the sun is a no-brainer. But finding the solar system that best suits your household can be tricky. That’s where Positive Charge comes in. We've put a bunch of solar companies to the test so that we can recommend one great company, offering premium systems and excellent customer service - all at a discounted price.

Our solar supplier has been selected from a list of Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited and approved competitors in an open process. We’ve also had all of the solar system components  independently assessed by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), to ensure that they meet high standards and are suited to Australian conditions.

Is it a good deal?

The supplier is secured through a rigorous selection process which meets our standards and those of our partner Councils. The procurement process provides due diligence on product quality, warranty length, cost and customer service. In addition, the solar system components are independently assessed by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) to ensure they meet high standards.

The supplier was chosen based on:

  • Quality of product
  • Length of warranties
  • Cost

Positive Charge is a social enterprise, with a mission and purpose to deliver carbon emission reductions at scale across a number of local government areas. The enterprise was set up with support from Social Traders and an investment from the Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL). Our core mission is to reduce greenhouse gases, and we remain sustainable and viable through revenue generated from Council subscription fees and income from supplier management fees through the delivery of projects such as bulk-buy programs.  

What size system will I need? 

This will depend on:

  • How much electricity your household  uses
  • Your roof size
  • How much sun your roof gets.

The supplier does not usually need to visit your home, as they can view your roof via satellite and discuss your energy needs with you over the phone.  They will then prepare an obligation free quote that matches your household's needs.

The Process

  1. Sign-up Positive Charge to arrange a free, no-obligation quote from the supplier.
  2. Accept the supplier’s quote and book the installation.
  3. The solar system is installed. The installer initiates paperwork with your retailer and distributor.
  4. The distributor changes over/reprograms the smart meter (initiated by the retailer). The system installation is then complete.

Note: any charges related to the upgrade of switchboard; meter changeover or meter reprogramming is additional to the cost of the solar PV system. It is recommended to get in touch with your distributor to determine what additional costs will apply. Some electricity retailers will change your tariff i.e. how much you pay for electricity you buy from the grid, when you install solar. If this is the case you switch retailer after your installation. To find the best deal visit the Victorian Energy Compare website here.

What if something goes wrong?         

We require suppliers to have clear warranty and customer service processes to respond to any issue. Our structures, processes and legal arrangements with suppliers prioritise the participant. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we’ll be there on your side to resolve any issues. We can also help ensure you are getting the best deal on electricity, and resolve any issues with connecting your system to the grid. To find out more about our customer protections visit our website:


A selection of products and system sizes available through our bulk buy program

The table below provides the solar bulk buy starting prices to help you consider what size system will work for you. Premium options including Singaporean and European manufactured components, micro inverters and battery ready systems are also available, all with a special bulk-buy discount. When you speak to the supplier they can explain the options to make sure you choose the one that is best for your household.

Savings are based on average current electricity costs. All systems include an extended 10 year warranty on the inverter (the standard is 5 years) and a 25 year performance warranty on the panels. If you are interested in getting a solar power system on your roof use our online sign up form and select Solar PV. You will receive a confirmation email and then someone from the carefully selected supplier will be in touch within 2 business days to provide you with an obligation free quote.

System size

Solar couple


Family starter 


Solar foursome


Serious solar



(10 year warranty)

Sungrow 2kW Sungrow 3kW Sungrow 5kW Sungrow 5kW


(10 year warranty and 25 year performance guarantee)

8x260W JA Panels 12x260W JA Panels 16x260W JA Panels 20x260W JA Panels

Mounting System

(10 year warranty)

Australian designed and made SunLock system Australian designed and made SunLock system Australian designed and made SunLock system Australian designed and made SunLock system
Discounted price ** $3,599 $5,099 $6,199 $7,229

** Prices are based on standard installations. Additional fees that may be incurred for particular roof types and electricity switchboard upgrades. The supplier can notify you of these over the phone, before giving an estimate.

Not quite ready?

That’s fine. We’re here to help people reduce energy costs and do our bit to manage climate change. You’re welcome to sign up to our eNews to get regular information, ideas and great deals on energy efficiency and renewable energy. You can also visit our advice pages here for some handy tips on ways to save.

Looking for more information on going solar?

Click here for the latest on solar rebates and incentives. You can also read more about solar on our solar advice page here.

We're here to help along the way. Contact us on 1300 23 68 55 or via email if you wish to discuss how solar works and whether it is right for your household.

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