Our suppliers

Our suppliers are secured through a rigorous selection process which meets our standards and those of our partner Councils. The procurement process provides due diligence on product quality, warranty length, cost and customer service.

The suppliers are chosen based on:

  • Quality of product,
  • Length of warranties,
  • Price,
  • Financial sustainability, and
  • Shared company values.

Selecting our solar suppliers

We conduct a rigorous open and transparent procurement process promoted by the Clean Energy Council to all solar providers (local and national) to participate.

What is considered when selecting our solar suppliers?

Whilst cost is an important factor in the supplier selection process, minimum requirements on the quality of materials and installers was also of high importance. Prospective companies need to:

  • Be a signatory to the Clean Energy Council’s Approved Solar Retailer program
  • Offer high quality products which are independently assessed for quality and performance;
  • Demonstrate previous bulk buy/aggregated purchases and demonstrate their ability to manage volume; and
  • Demonstrate the internal capacity/systems to meet service requirements including customer service and program reporting requirements.

Solar panel system components (like any other household equipment or appliance) vary in terms of quality and are not all alike. We are confident that the systems being offered as part of this initiative are good quality for a competitive price. The panels and inverters have all been independently assessed and financial checks have been conducted to ensure the financial viability of the solar PV supplier.

The solar power systems offered through the Positive Charge program have the following warranties:
  • Solar panels – 25 year performance warranty, 10 year product warranty
  • Inverter – 10 year warranty

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