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Positive Charge and Hobsons Bay City Council

To help residents reduce their electricity and gas bills, Hobsons Bay City Council has subscribed to Positive Charge.

Positive Charge will provide up-to-date and impartial energy efficiency and renewable energy advice and one-to-one support for the householders, businesses and council staff. So if you are a resident, business owner or council staff member in the Hobsons Bay municipality and need help managing your energy usage then please call and/or sign up to our monthly e-news.

The independent energy experts at Positive Charge are ready to help you with independent energy efficiency and renewable energy advice. Whether you need a quick question answered, or you require a more detailed consultation, or you would like a visit from one of our energy assessors then we are here to help. Call our helpline for a quick chat during business hours, Mon-Fri on 1300 23 68 55.

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Solar Campaign

Hobsons Bay City Council is rolling out a campaign to assist residents who are considering installing solar on their homes. If you want to know more about how solar works visit our solar information page here. Positive Charge has conducted a rigorous procurement process in order to find a supplier and installer to recommend. To find out more about how we select a supplier you can read our FAQs about the campaign here. You can sign up on line here to receive a quote or call the Positive Charge team on 9385 8555 to further discuss whether or not solar might be right for you.

Solar and planning permits in Hobsons Bay

Solar Panels in most instances do not require a Planning Permit as they are considered either works ‘normal to a dwelling’  or exempted pursuant to Clause 62.02-2 if located on the building itself. However, in some instances a permit will be required if specifically stated in the Overlay (i.e. Heritage Overlay).

If the solar panels are proposed to be located on an external structure (not a dwelling) a permit will be required for Buildings and Works and will be assessed on its merits.

With regard to enquiries, please direct them to the planning department and they will verbally advise on  a case by case basis.

One other thing to be aware of is that some estates have regulations on solar panel installations. So make sure to consult with your estate before installing solar panels.

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For a quick guide to solar and planning permits please read this document from Hobsons Bay City Council.

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