Positive Charge partners with a range of councils in different ways. Each council we work with has diverse communities, priorities and budgets. We aim to work with each council to develop a program of activity that will best suit the needs of the local community. That may include:

  • purchasing energy services on behalf of residents or businesses,
  • running energy related workshops, events or information sessions,
  • running a specific campaign to help the community take action (such as a solar or LED lighting campaign),
  • supporting local schools with energy efficiency and renewable energy, or
  • working with a group of businesses to not only improve their sustainability but to  also tell their customers all about it

Participating Councils

We have active partnerships with the following Councils in Victoria. Click on your council below to see what sort of programs we are working on in your area.

In NSW we work with Councils within the South Sydney Region of Councils (SSROC) on the Our Energy Future program.

If you are a local Council interested in partnering with us, download a copy of the Positive Charge Prospectus and get in touch.

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