Monash and Positive Charge

Positive Charge welcomed Monash City Council in 2014.

Positive Charge can support households and businesses install solar, through a tried and tested supplier. Positive Charge has selected a solar supplier through an open to tender process. Products, services, warranties, service record and longevity of the company were all reviewed before one supplier was selected, to make it easy for you to find someone you can trust. These systems not only mean that you pay less on your electricity bill by supplying renewable energy to your home, but also come with a 25 year warranty on output of the panels and a ten year warranty on the inverter as well as the installation.

To read more about the offer and sign up for a quote visit our solar information page here.

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Positive Charge is on hand to assist residents and council staff with reducing their energy consumption and living healthier and more energy efficient lives. Positive Charge will provide up-to-date and impartial energy efficiency and renewable energy advice for householders, businesses, schools and council staff. So if you are a Monash resident, business owner or staff member and need help managing your energy usage then please sign up to our monthly e-news.

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