Positive Charge and the Borough of Queenscliffe

To help residents reduce their electricity and gas bills and improve comfort levels, the Borough of Queenscliffe has subscribed to Positive Charge.

Positive Charge will provide up-to-date and impartial energy efficiency and renewable energy advice and one-to-one support for the householders, businesses and council staff. So if you are a resident, business owner or council staff member in the Borough of Queenscliffe and need help managing your energy usage and your bills then please call for advice and/or sign up to our monthly e-news for up-to-date advice and special offers.

The independent energy experts at Positive Charge are ready to help you with independent energy efficiency and renewable energy advice. Whether you need a quick question answered, or you require a more detailed consultation we are here to help. Call our helpline for a quick chat during business hours, Mon-Fri on 1300 23 68 55.

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About the Borough of Queenscliffe

The Borough of Queenscliffe, old-worldly by name but future-focused by nature, encompasses both Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale.

The permanent population of around 3,000 takes advantage of well-planned streetscapes and infrastructure, including local schools, sports clubs, community and health care services, as well as a range of quality retail providers.

Commerce and recreation have coexisted in Queenscliff from the very early days and, while it is by no means the only industry, tourism is an integral part of the local economy. The area’s transient population of holiday-makers has helped shape the culture of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale, with generations of ‘semi-permanents’ returning regularly.

One of the most striking contrasts of the area is between old and new. The rich historical character of Queenscliff, with its grand old buildings, is set off by a vibrant and contemporary cultural scene. Stately Victorian façades conceal a range of contemporary art galleries and award winning restaurants. Heritage buildings house new age provedores and ice-creameries.

Modern architecture, such as the Queenscliff Harbour precinct, is the new expression of a traditional maritime theme, combining steel angles and extensive glazing with solid timber reminiscent of the old piers. It provides a unique dining, retail and community space.

The list of things to do in Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale is virtually endless – wineries, historical walks, fishing, diving, golf, exploring marine National Parks and visiting the popular boutique markets with fresh local produce and crafts.

The Borough of Queenscliffe is a true gem. It is a place not to be missed by visitors and eminently worthy of considering home for those who aspire to regional living characterised by contrasts of the old and the contemporary, industry and recreation, nature and culture.

Environmental programs, strategies and reports

The Borough of Queenscliffe Council and community are very passionate about the unique coastal environment that surrounds us. Protecting and enhancing our environment is one of the key focus areas of Council. Residents, businesses and visitors encouraged to support Council’s efforts.

Council is trying to prepare for climate change in many ways. Visit the council website here to learn more.

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