Draught Proofing and Insulation Assessment Offer

Want to create the cosy, efficient home you’ve always dreamed of? Ever thought about getting an expert into your very own home to guide you through the whole process?

Think it sounds expensive?

Well, with our new offer – it’s more affordable than ever.

Our exclusive draught proofing and insulation offer

We’ve partnered with local Melbourne supplier, Draught Busters, to offer you an exclusive deal on draught proofing and insulation assessments.

Typically valued at $300, you can now get a complete draught proofing and insulation assessment for just $225.  

What’s included?

An assessment includes a full 1-2 hour inspection of your home carried out by one of Draught Busters’ trusted professionals.

At the end of the assessment you’ll get:

  • A full report identifying exactly where cold air is seeping in and where you’re missing insulation – taking out all the guesswork
  • Recommendations of quality products to seal and insulate your home that will stand the test of time
  • A full quote for the supplier sealing and insulating your home on your behalf

And want to hear the best part?

If you proceed with one service (draught-proofing or insulation), you’ll get 50% back of the assessment cost.

And if you proceed with both draught-proofing and insulation, you’ll get the whole fee back.

Amazing right?

Is it right for me?

Jan installed draught proofing in her Brunswick East home. Here’s what she had to say.

This is your chance to create the cosy, efficient home you’ve always dreamed of.  Take advantage of this exclusive offer today.

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