Window Films

Finally, thinking about doing something about those windows? But not quite ready to fork out the cost for double glazing?

Ever thought about window films?

Sounds interesting, what are they?

Window films are a type of coating that is attached to the internal side of your window.

Depending on the film you choose, window films can be designed for year-round use (retaining heat in winter and blocking heat in summer) or just summer time use – blocking up to 84% of the sun’s heat.

Make sense?

How do they work?

In winter, warmth is lost because objects within a room are warmer than the temperature outside. These objects radiate heat towards the cooler outdoors, causing that heat to escape through the glass. So how do you stop this? Well, just by applying the right type of window film, you can dramatically reduce this. In fact, a low e-film can prevent up to 50% of this heat escaping. This is comparable to double glazing, yet at a fraction of the cost. Pretty good, right?

And now comes the best part.

Unlike double glazing, window film is also very effective at keeping your home cooler in summer. By being able to reflect and absorb the heat that hits your windows, window film significantly reduces the amount of heat that gets transmitted. In fact, the best all year round film on the market – Ecolux 70, can reduce the amount of summer radiant heat that enters your home by 50%! Sound good?

So how much more affordable is it really?

Well, for the typical home with 10-15m2 of windows, upgrading all the windows in your home with this “all year round” window film can cost just $1900-$3000. This is about a quarter of the cost of double glazing and half the cost of secondary glazing.

To make it even more affordable, you can also just target the problem areas first, such as high glass living areas.

But if you’re just looking at films for summer use only, these films are even more affordable – about half the cost of year round film.

Is it right for me?

Window films are a great solution for you if:

  • you’d like comparable results at a 1/4 of the cost of double glazing
  • you want to keep your views uninterrupted
  • you have a large amount of windows in your home (window area greater than 25% of floor area).
  • you feel the cold when sitting near your windows
  • you’ve already insulated your ceilings and sealed the gaps, and still find your home uncomfortable in summer and/or winter
  • you already use curtains with pelmets and still looking for more improvement

And guess what? We’ve got some exciting news to share.

To help you see if window films are right for you, we’ve formed an exciting new partnership with Solar Window Filmers – Melbourne’s only environmental film specialist and one of only four WERS for film accredited suppliers in Victoria.

They have a team of accredited and experienced installers who can come to your home for a FREE inspection and help you select the best window films to make your home comfortable, energy-efficient and more affordable to run.

During the inspection, they’ll:

  • assess your windows, looking at type and thickness of glass, any coatings evident
  • determine the best window films for your needs
  • help you create a plan to improve the energy-efficiency of your windows

They’ll also leave 1-3 samples for you to consider and provide you with an obligation-free quote. Sounds great right?

Ready to get started?

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