Household lighting

You can change your lighting and start saving

LED downlights use a fraction of the amount of electricity of old fashioned halogen or incandescent lights. They also stay cool, so in summer you don’t have to crank up your air conditioning to combat the heat coming from your lights!

Are downlight replacements free?

In some instances you may be able to get your LED lightglobes for free and only have to pay a call out fee. Talk to the Positive Charge team to see if you are eligible.

Are LEDs as bright as the halogen lights?

50W halogen downlights in the ceiling typically output 500 or more lumens (brightness) with a beam angle of around 60 degrees. If you choose to get a quote from our supplier they have a commitment to ensuring quality means that their 7W LED downlights output a minimum of 500 lumens with a wide 65 degree beam angle, resulting in equal or improved lighting in your home. You may have seen inferior LED downlights that output between 200 and 400 lumens, with a beam angle of just 30-35 degrees, resulting in dim and uneven light but by going through our supplier you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product. You can request a quote for these if you choose. Alternatively you can purchase LED lightglobes at a reputable hardware store and replace them yourself. We don’t recommend buying cheaper, supermarket LED lights, as anecdotally we have found them to not be as long lasting.

Is it best to remove the existing transformers?

If you are considering topping up or installing ceiling insulation it is advisable to remove the old transformers (even if they are connected to LEDs), so that there is no risk associated with placing insulation over the transformer and no need to have a hole in your insulation to accommodate the transformer. If you’re not sure how best to proceed feel free to give the Positive Charge team a call on 1300 23 68 55.

Are they warm lights?

Many LED lightglobes replicate the colour of the halogen downlights. Read the box carefully if purchasing lights yourself, so that you know what type of light output to expect.