What’s your pool really costing you?

If you have a pool, it may come as a shock to learn that being a pool owner can cost as much as $10,576 every year when it’s all added up.

The electricity charges to run your pool pump are a big part of this cost. In fact, the average Australian family spends over $1,000 each year in electricity charges just to run the pool pump!

The reason why it’s so expensive to run is because most pool pumps are ‘single speed’.

This means that they run at full speed whenever they are switched on, yet most of the time this is wasteful and unnecessary. In reality, a lot of tasks such as filtering water, skimming surface leaves and running the auto-cleaner, work better at lower speeds.

Running a pool pump at constant high speed, will not only cost you a whole lot more in energy bills, but is excessively noisy and will cause your pump to wear out faster.

So what can you do?

Plug and Play Pool Pump Controller

The most affordable and easiest way to make your pool pump more efficient is to simply install a plug-and-play controller. This controller allows you to run your pump at different speeds – slashing its energy consumption by 50-85%.

This is just like replacing your pool pump with a brand-new variable speed pump (which can also run at different speeds) – but at half the cost.

With a plug-and-play controller:

  • There’s no need to wait till your existing pump to break or wear out, or to throw your existing working pump away
  • You won’t waste time hunting for a compatible new pump
  • You won’t need to cut, glue or change pipework, or alter your pool plumbing to suit a new pump you don’t need.

So where can I get this smart controller?

Simply Better Pool Savings, is a Sydney company that has developed this leading technology.

They’ve just completed a recent study with UNSW and Randwick City Council which has shown some exciting results:

  • The average reduction in energy consumption of the pump was 71% and $486 reduction in the annual electricity bill
  • The savings were in a range between $108 and $1,170 every year
  • The average reduction in carbon pollution was 1,670 kg of CO2e every year for each household. That’s about the same amount of carbon pollution as a typical car creates when it travels 6,400kms
  • Decibel readings of pumps before and after the application of the ‘Simply Better’ controller showed 86% reductions in noise intensity of the main/filter pump

Sounds great right?

Well we’ve got some exciting news – we’ve partnered with Simply Better Pool Savings, to offer you an exclusive $70 instant cashback offer on the controller.

Typically valued at $690, you can get this breakthrough technology for just $620.

Simply register your details using the below form and Simply Better Pool Savings will be in touch with more information (obligation-free) to see if this solution is right for you. You’ll also receive a coupon code, for this $70 cashback offer, live for 10 days.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

Simply complete the below form and we’ll also send you a link to complete a FREE online assessment of your pool. Answer ten quick questions online and Simply Better Pool Savings will send you a free and tailored report explaining;

  • How much your pool pump adds to your electricity bill every year
  • How your pool compares to other Aussie backyard pools
  • Exactly how much money you can save with the controller
  • And other useful insights

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