Solar for households

Why choose solar power?

Solar enables you to cut the cost of your bills. By generating your own electricity, you’ll be purchasing less from your retailer – meaning money in your pocket rather than theirs! Installing solar panels will also increase the energy rating and value of your house and you can feel good knowing you’re making a positive difference for the planet. Going solar simply makes sense.

Remember that solar generates when the sun is shining and if you can use the power at that time then you get it straight from your roof – For free!

Request an obligation free solar quote from our carefully selected suppliers. Prices start from$6,500 for a 5kW system, depending on your circumstances.


Get an obligation free solar power quote

Choosing a solar supplier can be hard right?   That’s why we thoroughly vet our suppliers, so that you can install solar with ease and confidence.   Our suppliers are chosen through a rigorous selection process – to not only meet our standards but also of our 24 partner councils across Victoria and NSW. They’re chosen based on: Quality of … Read more

Solar buyers’ guide

Congratulations on starting your solar journey! Solar power is an excellent way you can immediately reduce your energy bills, whilst also investing in a better future for Australia. There are already over 2 million homes in Australia benefitting from solar power, with the number growing every day! Solar can be an excellent investment for your … Read more

Household Solar FAQs

Will solar help me save money? Most households can benefit from solar and can expect a payback period between 3-8 years. Depending on how much power you use during the day, you can easily save anywhere between $800-$2000 per year (based on a 5kW system). The more power you are able to use during the … Read more