Save on your electricity bill and get $50

Most people can save money on their electricity bill simply by switching their retailer We are always encouraging you to reduce your energy usage, which will save you money, as well as reduce carbon emissions. You may also be able to save money simply by switching electricity retailer. Your electricity retailer is the company that … Read more

The power of hope

Sometimes it can feel hard not to wring one’s hands at the effects of climate change. We face increasing instances of extreme weather events, rising energy costs, record-breaking summers year on year, thousands of people being displaced internationally and so much more. But we believe that hope should still be strong. Hope can help spur … Read more

Solar in winter

Winter may be here but it’s still a good time to install solar. Here’s why: Solar still generates electricity because there is still plenty of UV light, which is actually what the panels use to generate the electricity. Cooler weather actually means the panels are more efficient – on really hot days in summer the … Read more

Understanding your energy usage

Trying to work out what’s using your power? We always encourage people to reduce their electricity consumption but we understand that it’s not always easy to work out how. There are a few options to help you understand what’s using power in your home so that you can better find ways to reduce it. Plug … Read more

Prepare for winter!

It’s that time of year again. The days are drawing in and the nights are getting longer and colder. Here are our simple seasonal tips for keeping warm, without it costing the earth. Don’t forget that if you need help taking action you can sign up to hear from our recommended suppliers on a range … Read more

Use your power!

Want to use your power effectively? We’ve just launched the Use Your Power project, which includes two tools to help you use your solar panels more effectively. Solar Health Check The first tool is the Solar Health Check activity, which has been designed to allow you to check how healthy your solar power system is. … Read more

Gas Versus Electricity

Your hip pocket guide to gas versus electricity The ATA’s latest study updates their modelling to give more accurate estimates of the savings or costs over 10 years when switching to electricity from gas for heating, hot water and cooking, and adds solar to the equation. Energy analysts Dean Lombard and Keiran Price report. Reproduced … Read more

Changes to the solar feed in tariff

Feeding the grid Varying solar payments by time of day The ATA’s Keiran Price explains how minimum solar feed-in tariffs are set and helps demystify an intriguing new time-of-day feed-in tariff proposed for Victoria from July. Reproduced with permission from the ATA‘s Renew magazine issue 143. A FEED-IN tariff is a pretty straightforward concept—it’s the … Read more

Saving money on your energy bills

We are keen to see people reduce their carbon emissions by implementing energy efficiency measures and reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. That’s why we have lots of tips and advice on our website and in our news articles. Reducing your energy usage also has the happy benefit to consumers that reducing energy consumption reduces … Read more

Fans are fantastic!

Summer isn’t over and there are plenty of hot days ahead. Fans are a great way to keep cool without the added cost of running an air conditioner. Why use a fan? Fans use a small fraction of the amount of electricity compared to air conditioners, costing around 1-2 cents an hour to run compared … Read more

Renters tips

Our friends at the ATA have run a feature in the latest edition of their ReNew magazine (Issue 142) about rental properties.  Below are some energy saving tips for renters. We also have many hints and tips to help renters and those living in apartments to save. Please note that some of the advise below is trickier in an apartment than a free standing … Read more

Clean coal fact check

The Positive Charge team are always keen to hear from our eNews subscribers, so if you have a question about one of our articles or if there’s something you’d like to know more about please drop us a line. One of our readers recently asked us why we view renewable energy as a solution to … Read more

Solar roof tiles

A question that has been coming up at our information sessions lately is “what about solar roof tiles?”. Just like battery storage, solar roof tiles are receiving a lot of media attention at the moment as being part of what is viewed as an inevitable transition to a renewable energy future. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), also … Read more