Solar rebates re-opening 1st July

Missed out on the state government solar rebates? Well we’ve got good news for you! The solar rebates are returning on 1st July with even more on offer. What’s available to eligible households*? Solar power system rebate – up to 50% off the cost of a system ( up to $2,225) Solar battery rebate – … Read more

NEW Heating Buyer’s Guide

It can be hard figuring out which heating to get. With so many options for heating it can be hard to navigate and choose a system that will best meet your needs. Our NEW heating buyer’s guide is here to help! It’ll help you choose a system that is affordable, environmentally-friendly AND effective. Read the … Read more

Are you ready for winter?

Even though Australia has mild winters, a lack of insulation and draught proofing means our homes are too cold for many people to stay comfortable and safe. Constant exposure to low temperatures increases not only blood pressure, but also increases the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases – an important reminder that keeping your home warm … Read more

Is your home freezing in winter?

Dreading the colder months ahead? If your home is freezing in winter – it’s probably way too leaky.  And you’re not alone. The typical Australian home has FOUR TIMES more air changes per hour than recommended. Causing cold air to seep into your home  and your expensive heating to escape out.   But there’s a simple … Read more