5 surprising benefits of draught-proofing

As you know, blocking draughts is one of the simplest ways you can keep your home cosy in winter. AND it’ll keep your heating bills down too.

But did you know there are 5 other surprising benefits of draught proofing?

1. It’ll stop unwanted visitors from entering!

Gaps and cracks allow for all sorts of critters like bugs, insects and even mice, to creep into your home – not just draughts!

Sealing any big gaps around plumbing or doors is a sure-fire way of keeping unwanted guests out.

2. Reduce traffic noise or the sound of noisy neighbours

Sealing your windows and doors using weather strips will reduce sounds coming in from outside, helping to keep your home nice and tranquil.

3. Stop windows rattling

Weather seals on window frames will help reduce the chance of windows rattling in the wind or when cars pass by. David from Brunswick discovered this surprising benefit when he draught proofed his home.

4. It’ll work in summer too

Draught-proofing doesn’t just keep the cold out in winter. It keeps the heat out in summer too. By stopping the hot summer air from leaking into your home– you’ll feel cool in summer and reduce your dependence on expensive air conditioning.

5. It’s the biggest bang for your buck

Most households typically spend up to half of their total energy bills on heating and cooling. Because blocking draughts mostly involves inexpensive materials – even when you get someone in to install higher end products for you –  draught-proofing is the single most cost-effective thing you can do to your home.

Keep your home cosy for winter, with a draught-proofing assessment


Our recommended supplier can conduct a draught proofing assessment in your home for just $225. Assessments are valued at $300, so that’s a 25% discount exclusively for Positive Charge members.

You’ll get:

  • A full report identifying exactly where cold air is seeping in
  • Recommendations of the specific products you should be using to seal your home
  • Instructions for the gaps you can seal yourself
  • A quote for the supplier sealing your home on your behalf.

They’ll also check your ceiling and underfloor insulation for FREE!

And better yet – if you proceed with one service (draught-proofing OR insulation), you’ll get a 50% rebate of the assessment fee back and if you proceed with BOTH draught-proofing and insulation, you’ll get the whole fee refunded!

Make your home cosy in time for winter.


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