Is your home freezing in winter?

Dreading the colder months ahead? If your home is freezing in winter – it’s probably way too leaky. 
And you’re not alone. The typical Australian home has FOUR TIMES more air changes per hour than recommended. Causing cold air to seep into your home  and your expensive heating to escape out.
But there’s a simple way you can make your home snug this winter. By blocking draughts you’ll stop cold air from sneaking in – making your home cosy and snug. And best of all it’s straightforward and inexpensive.
Did you know there are four surprising areas where cold air can seep in? Do you have these areas in your home?

Make your home cosy today with a draught proofing assessment

Did you know our recommended supplier can conduct a draught proofing assessment in your home for just $225?

Valued at $300, we’ve negotiated an exclusive 25% discount for you.

You’ll get:
  • A full report identifying exactly where cold air is seeping in.
  • Recommendations of the specific products you should be using to seal your home
  • Instructions for the gaps you can seal yourself 
  • A quote for the supplier sealing your home on your behalf.

They’ll also check your ceiling and underfloor insulation for FREE!

And better yet – if you proceed with one service (draught-proofing or insulation), you’ll get a 50% rebate of the assessment fee and if you proceed with both draught-proofing and insulation, you’ll get the whole fee refunded!

* Homes in outer metro Melbourne suburbs or outside the Melbourne Metro may require a travel fee

Make your home cosy in time for winter.


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