Your simple DIY guide to draught-proofing

Dreading the cooler months ahead? Draught-proof your home to ensure it stays cosy and snug this winter.

In this handy table, we’ve pinpointed the areas where cold air can seep in and provided simple tips on how you can seal them.

These are jobs that you can do yourself, with products readily available at hardware stores. However if these jobs are tricky or you would rather invest in longer lasting solutions it might be worth considering getting the experts in to do it for you.

If you still have questions, don’t forget our team of energy experts is available via email or you can call us on 1300 23 68 55 during business hours.


Draught source What you can do Examples
Gaps around plumbing or around split air conditioner hoses Caulking for small gaps. Expandable foam filler for large gaps
Extractor Fan in your bathroom ‘Draught stoppa’ extractor fan hat
Gaps around window and door frames Weather strips and seals
Gaps at the bottom of doors Door bottom seals
Wall vents Piece of contact or simple plastic cover
Gaps between floor boards Timber filler, under-floor insulation, carpet or rugs or mats
Skirting boards Caulking
Unused fireplaces Get professionally sealed or use a chimney seal such as Chimbloc, chimney balloon or Chimneysheep
Floor vents Seal around the vents using caulking and seal off when not in use
Halogen downlights Replace with an integrated LED light that is IC rated (so can be covered by ceiling insulation)
Evaporative cooling vents Ceiling outlet cover


Not a fan of DIY?

If you’re unsure of where the cold air leaking is in, prefer not to do DIY and/or prefer to invest in getting professional help ,then our recommended draught-proofing supplier can help.

They can conduct a draught proofing assessment in your home for just $225.

Valued at $300, we’ve negotiated an exclusive 25% discount for you.

You’ll get:

  • A full report identifying exactly where cold air is seeping in.
  • Recommendations of the specific products you should be using to seal your home
  • Instructions for the gaps you can seal yourself
  • A quote for the supplier sealing your home on your behalf.

They’ll also check your ceiling and underfloor insulation for FREE!

And better yet – if you proceed with one service (draught-proofing OR insulation), you’ll get a 50% rebate of the assessment fee and if you proceed with BOTH draught-proofing and insulation, you’ll get the whole fee refunded!

Make sure your home cosy in time for winter

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