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Reviving the art of repair

This article was written by Michelle Fisher and is reproduced with permission from the ATA. It featured in the ATA‘s Sanctuary magazine, issue 39. It’s often cheaper and easier to throw products out than fix them, a reality Michelle Fisher and the Repair Café movement is trying to turn around, one broken mobile phone, record … Read more

Fans are fantastic!

Summer isn’t over and there are plenty of hot days ahead. Fans are a great way to keep cool without the added cost of running an air conditioner. Why use a fan? Fans use a small fraction of the amount of electricity compared to air conditioners, costing around 1-2 cents an hour to run compared … Read more

Use your power!

Want to use your power effectively? We’ve just launched the Use Your Power project, which includes two tools to help you use your solar panels more effectively. Solar Health Check The first tool is the Solar Health Check activity, which has been designed to allow you to check how healthy your solar power system is. … Read more


Beyond the brand Reproduced with permission after originally appearing in ATA‘s Sanctuary magazine edition 38. WORDS Lance Turner Are you in the market for a new cooktop, fridge or smaller household appliance? With so much rubbish around, it’s worth doing your homework to get value for money. Appliance selection can seem simple, but in fact can … Read more