School energy assessment

Positive Charge for schools, kindergartens and childcare centres is as easy as 123!

There are many ways a school or early learning centre can save money and be more sustainable, on a daily basis. For the greatest outcomes we recommend that you involve children in taking action and embracing sustainable practices.

Independent tailored advice

We know from experience that every school and early learning centre is a little different. That’s why we provide tailored advice that’s just right for your school or centre.

  • Review energy bills to find potential savings
  • A free independent solar assessment
  • On-site assessment for lighting upgrades
  • Advice on the most cost-effective energy efficiency options and the best sized solar systems
  • Estimates on how much your centre can save.

This will ensure you understand the steps you can take to do the right thing for our environment and your school’s bottom line.

Help you identify and obtain financing

We can help you explore the different funding options available to schools and early learning centres. With a changing funding environment we keep our eyes on the latest opportunities so you don’t have to.

Funding options might include:

  • Joining our Positive Power offer, where your school or early learning centre receives $50 towards energy efficiency and renewable infrastructure, each time someone from your school community switches to PowerShop – Australia’s greenest energy company*
  • Working together to create a crowd-funding campaign
  • Assisting you by talking to the school council, board of governance or parent and friend committee to highlight the ways in which solar can benefit the school
  • Plugging you into low-interest loans or grant funding (where available)
  • Link you to tried and tested suppliers

Positive Charge is a not-for-profit social enterprise run by the award winning Moreland Energy Foundation, which has been delivering community sustainability solutions for over 15 years.

With this experience under our belt we can recommend a range of top-quality suppliers for lighting and solar. We’ve done an extensive review of products to find the best balance of price, quality and service and can link you to trusted suppliers.

Even better – we can help negotiate the best price for your school or centre.

Help promote your centre as a local sustainability champion

We can help you raise your centre’s leadership profile by designing and delivering a launch event for your local community.

An event is an opportunity to showcase your centre’s efforts and achievements, inspire others to take action, and provide expert advice to parents and the wider community on ways they can save money and reduce their environmental impact.

We can also provide information for promotion in local media.

First steps – Simple ways to save

Making your school or early learning centre more sustainable does not simply have to involve heating, cooling or lighting, it also encompasses many other actions to reduce waste and resources.

Just some of the simple things a school can do:

  • Turn lights off in every empty room no matter the time of day
  • Turn air conditioners off (from heating or cooling) when the classroom is empty
  • Turn off computers when not in use
  • Turn off printers when not in use
  • Set security lighting on triggers or timers, so that it is not on all the time
  • Use recycled paper towels instead of electric hand dryers in toilets
  • Use economical toilet flush systems
  • Review the timers set on water heaters
  • Recycle rainwater
  • Use recycled notebooks and stationery
  • Only use exactly the amount of water needed for drinks
  • Draught proof windows and doors
  • Insulate the roof spaces
  • Shade north and wast facing windows in summer
  • Use energy efficient LED light globes – we can help you find a trusted supplier

A good way to engage pupils is to launch a competition for the best energy saving ideas; a school which involves pupils will achieve a greener way of operating much faster and for much longer.

Bigger Steps – How Positive Charge can help

Once energy usage has been brought down by taking simple actions we recommend installing solar. Schools and early learning centres are ideal for using solar, as their hours of operation match the hours that solar power is generated. When you can use the power at the time it is created then it is free! Positive Charge can help by…

  • Providing independent tailored advice
  • Helping you identify and obtain financing where available
  • Linking you to tried and tested suppliers
  • Helping promote your early learning centre as a local sustainability champion

This service is available for all primary schools, high schools, kindergarten and child care centres.

Ready to talk to a Positive Charge expert to see how we can help?

For schools in Moreland contact Helen on 03 9385 8508 or email

For schools in other council areas call Lucy on 1300 23 68 55 or email
* Greenpeace and the Total Environment Centre’s Green Electricity Guide, 2014 & 2015