Reduce your hot water costs by up to 65%

Want to reduce your hot water costs?

We’ve just brought on a new hot water heat pump supplier to help you save up to 65% off your hot water costs!

With rising energy prices and generous government rebates, more and more Victorian households are making the switch to heat pump hot water systems. To help you choose a high quality and reliable heat pump for your home, we’ve partnered with Bosch to offer you the opportunity to upgrade to the highly acclaimed Compress 3000 hot water heat pump system.

Bosch’s Compress 3000 Electric heat pump has been selected due to its:

  • Value for money
  • Reliability
  • Strong warranties
  • Bosch’s high customer service standards
  • Use of an environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Smart controls that allow it to be easily operated during the day with a solar PV system or on cheaper overnight tariffs
  • Ability to deliver energy efficient hot water even in colder climates

Why upgrade to a hot water heat pump?

Heat pump hot water systems are very efficient with running costs between 45-65% lower, depending on whether your existing system is a gas or electric system. In fact, the average family with two adults and two kids can expect a saving of around $500 per year simply by switching to a heat pump.

Who is a heat pump best suited for?

  • Anyone with an existing gas or electric storage hot water system older than 7 years
  • Homes with up to 5 residents
  • Anyone with a solar power system. The Bosch Heat pump only requires 600W of power so it can be very easily integrated even with small solar power systems
  • Households with hot water as the only gas appliance. Switching to a heat pump can allow you to disconnect from gas and save an additional $200-$300 per year in supply charges.


With rebates available from both the Federal and Victorian governments saving you an extra $1500, installing a heat pump is cheaper than ever.


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